Cora’s Story

Cora's Story

Cora post - week of 3.30

“From very early on, we knew Cora had a lot of energy. When she was about 2, we knew she had more energy than most kids, so much so that she would seek out sensory input for her body. She would throw herself into the couch and literally bounce off the walls. She was then diagnosed with proprioceptive and vestibular sensory seeking, sensory processing disorder. When she started school, she had a very difficult time in the classroom. She had a difficult time controlling her body and emotions. She would need many breaks out of the classroom. At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with ADHD.

We tried EVERYTHING for Cora. We did parent coaching, occupational therapy, social groups, psychotherapy, and after 3 years of no success, we finally tried medication. We saw a positive change in Cora after the medication, but we found that we had to keep going up on her doses. I wanted to find something else to help us help her regulate her body and emotions.”


What was different about chiropractic is that “Dr. Eric of ADIO Chiropractic, gave us the why, and that helped us tremendously to understand where we can go from there. We know she has ADHD, but with the scans, we could SEE the stress her body and nervous system were carrying.

Cora had a difficult transition into school this past fall. We saw a lot of behaviors we were seeing last school year and thought, ‘oh no not again’. We made some adjustments to her medication and continued to see Dr. Eric. Within a week, she was having much better days. In the past, medication adjustments would help for about 2-4 weeks, then we would see an increase in disruptive behaviors again. It has been 7 weeks now and Cora has not needed an increased dose of her medication! Last school year, Cora was spending about 25-50% of her day (every day) outside of the classroom because of her disruptive behavior. This school year, she only needs to take a break outside of the classroom about once a week!

Cora is just overall happier and our family life is calmer. We don’t have to brace ourselves for meltdowns when things don’t go as expected for Cora. She now just goes with the flow. She also enjoys school this year and has not fallen behind her peers academically.” – Katie

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