Niza’s Experience With Chiropractic Care in Middleton

Niza's Experience With Chiropractic
Care in Middleton

Child Making A Wish

Hey everyone! So, I want to talk about a two-year-old’s journey, both before he started coming to ADIO Chiropractic in Middleton, and now after a few months of care. This 2-year-old have gone through a LOT in his short period of life. He was brought into this world by induction which led to a 35 hours of labor, and eventually an emergency C-Section. In the clinic we talk a lot about the impact that the birth process has on these kiddos, particularly when interventions are used, such as induction and C-Sections.

Right from the get-go this little one had a very traumatic experience into life which led to a stressful first couple of months. He was very colicky, and cried a lot, especially when put on his back. Well, as we know as parents, babies are on their back a lot unless we’re holding them (until we start getting into tummy time). This now became a very emotional time for the parents because they constantly had to hold him, or risk a meltdown. As he got older the issues didn’t end, he dealt with a lot of ear infections, would wake up yelling in the middle of the night and it was a struggle to get him back to sleep. Trying to get this kiddo to sleep in general was a 3 hour ordeal! Every night was a struggle for this family, and this kiddo would easily get upset over things. He had behavioral issues, consistent meltdowns, and had the inability to really regulate his emotions. On top of all of this, he dealt with constipation, and was on Miralax for a couple of months! The Miralax helped with consistency, but his parents knew that it wasn’t going to solve the underlying issue. These parents wanted answers, not just about the constipation but about everything that was going on with their child.

Chiropractic Care For Children in Middleton WI

What brought this family to ADIO Chiropractic was the cyclic vomiting. Every month, to the day, he would go through a weeks’ worth of consistent vomiting with some abdominal headaches. They came to our office because they weren’t getting answers or relief anywhere else. This family made a commitment and really dug into our care. They have only been with us for about 2 months but the changes this family has seen so far have been nothing short of phenomenal!

We have families fill out a short questionnaire about changes they’ve seen in their kiddo, so we can track their progress both in and out of the clinic. So, let’s take the time to unpack changes that they’ve seen so far, we’ll start with hyperactivity and behavioral aspect. This kiddo wasn’t the most social, had a hard time with crowds and new people as well as playing/interacting with other kiddos. He would easily get annoyed in these situations and lash out. Now, he is interacting in these situations and can communicate to his mom when he is feeling overwhelmed, opposed to full on meltdown. We see this progress in the office too! If we were to have recorded him the first couple of times, he came into the office compared to now, you would never think he is the same kid! It went from 80%-90% meltdown in office (first couple of appointments) to now where we haven’t seen him meltdown for at least over a month! We’re not the only ones noticing the changes, his parents are also seeing less meltdowns at home as well, and showing incredible improvement when it comes to regulating his emotions.

Now we’ll dive into the digestion/pooping aspect (we celebrate poop in this office), and GUESS WHAT!? This kiddo is no longer on Miralax!!! He hasn’t needed to be, because now that his body is able to properly communicate allowing his digestion to work the way it was meant to.  His mom (knowing that we celebrate poop) texted us about how regular he had been having bowel movements starting just a day after his first adjustment. This is because we are restoring that connection.

Moving forward to the attention and focus aspect which has seen significant improvement as well! Sleeping used to be a HUGE struggle for this kid.  As we told you before, putting him down for the night would take on average 3 hours! After this kiddo’s first adjustment with Middleton Chiropractor Eric Kurzinski, dad went to put him to sleep for the night and was out of there in ONLY 20 MINUTES! How amazing is that?! Now that his body is reconnecting and functioning better, he is able to relax enough to sleep and recover!

Now to come to the problem that drove them to our clinic in the first-place, the cyclic vomiting. It would happen literally every month to the day, for a week… but not now! The parent’s anxiety had been building to see if they had found relief for their child. They were counting down the days, thinking ‘this will be the day, it’s coming’. But this time, it didn’t come. They were beyond relieved not having to watch their kid suffer from what had been their ‘normal’.

We understand the stress and anxiety from feeling like you’re unable to help your kiddo. And we understand that our kiddos are struggling more and more. But we got you parents! We understand these struggles and are here to support you and help you get through this. When we take the opportunity to really get dig into what’s happening with our kids, we get a better understanding of it and help them THRIVE.

This kiddo is nothing like he was three months ago. He’s not dealing with those struggles so he can be his best self, the self he was meant to be! His parents always knew he was capable of all these things, he just needed relief from his struggles so he could start expressing life and his personality to the fullest! That’s what we do here, allow kids to be their best and empower families to take control of their health and their kids health.

So, if this sounds like your family, or a family you know, please feel free to share this information and give our team at ADIO Chiropractic in Middleton a call!

Remember we are here to create happy, healthy families!

-Dr. Eric Kurzinski


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