Chiropractic for Pregnancy in Middleton?

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Health Care From Preconception to Delivery

The effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy in Middleton are far-reaching and extend way beyond treating pain or discomfort. At ADIO Chiropractic, we focus on proper nervous system and spinal function which are crucial for the development of the baby and essential to the well-being and comfort of the mom.

Keeping Pregnant Moms Healthy in Middleton

Unfortunately today, many health care providers look at pregnancy as a “medical condition” rather than the incredibly safe and natural process that it is. A woman’s body is designed perfectly for the birth process, and difficulties typically only arise if the mother is experiencing co-existing conditions.

By ensuring that the pelvis and spine are in proper alignment and motion, chiropractic care allows the developing baby plenty of room to grow within the womb. Maintaining this alignment also improves the likelihood of a safe and natural birth process which is vital to the health of mom and baby.

Unnecessary stress on a woman’s nervous system increases symptoms of anxiety and passes that compromised nervous system state onto her infant, as the fetus doesn’t develop its own nervous system until the third trimester. Stress can also play a role in challenges of infertility. We welcome women to begin chiropractic care at any point during pregnancy or the journey to become pregnant.

Chiropractic Care at ADIO Chiropractic Can Help

Dr. Eric is well-versed in prenatal chiropractic care, including instrument-based methods and a drop table to accommodate the growing belly.

After childbirth, even if you had a positive delivery experience, a newborn’s delicate system endures a large amount of pressure and trauma during the process.

We recommend that you make an appointment with your baby as soon as possible to gently check their alignment and ensure optimal health from the very beginning.

What is the Webster Technique?

Used to allow a growing baby more room to move in the belly, the Webster technique aligns the pelvis and removes stress from ligaments. This often allows the baby to turn into the proper position and gives the mom a more relaxed, comfortable childbirth experience.

Reach out to ADIO Chiropractic to get started on your pregnancy chiropractic care in Middleton!



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