The Rocket Fuel Of Screen-Time Reward

The Rocket Fuel Of Screen-Time Reward

Avoiding Screen Time in Middleton WIIt can be a struggle to keep our children occupied. It is so easy to hand them a tablet or phone, and we know these will keep them entertained, and as a bonus- still!

Unfortunately, using the screen-time as a reward for ‘good behavior’, can cause backlash. What we think is a simple, paper airplane, becomes rocket fuel for our children’s sensory system.

“Screen-time should not be a reward unless we want our kids to really value it.”

-Dr. Screen-Free Mom, a psychologist, writer, university professor, and mom.

Our Busy World and Screen-time Reward

Look, we get it. Our world is BUSY! And sometimes, that means using a tablet, tv, or phone as a babysitter. Doing that some of the time, may be necessary for your own survival! We ALL have tasks that we have to get done, and we need to know that our child will be in one spot- and not causing mischief.

Just try to make those times rare.

Afterall, I’m sure that when you’ve allowed your child that screen-time, and you completed your to-do list, you’ve been rewarded with the no fun aftereffects: immediate meltdowns, the crying, screaming, and out of control behavior.

Empowering and Peace-Giving

As a parent, it is beneficial to know why this uncontrollable, post screen-time behavior is occurring. It is empowering and peace-giving to know what helps you to help your child.

Empowerment to know what helps your child to not have to work so much to have control of their emotions.

Peace-giving to the family to know what works and what exactly to do as the parent to provide and promote peace.

It’s all about the sensory system and making sure it’s functioning properly.

When the brain can freely and openly send messages to the body and its systems, then we know that the body systems are functioning properly.

When we can do that, behavior becomes about learning skills. If the brain can NOT freely send and receive information, then behavior is not the child’s fault, or anyone’s fault. What that means is that something needs to be done to fix the fluidity of the information, so the child can control the behavior.

ALL information to and from the brain goes through the nervous system.

Fundamentally, it goes through the tiny passageways of the neck. The brain focuses on protecting any dysfunction in the spine or the skeletal system. When something is misaligned, even a small amount, the brain sends a message to the body (usually to the muscular system) to lock up and protect.

With this, comes a sensory system that is constantly on guard. This then leads to sensory seeking and/or sensory avoiding.

In a child, this is manifested by lack of emotional control, having very particular or picky eating patterns, inability to focus, lack of control, ‘ADHD’, etc.

Here’s to you!

You’re an amazing parent for wanting to understand your child and find answers so that you can help in setting them up for their future.

We specialize in helping kids with ADHD, behavior struggles, chronic ear and/or sinus infections, etc.

We’re here to support you! Contact us directly and ask us any questions you have about what your child is experiencing. From health struggles, to behaviors in school, or worries you may have about developmental delay; we’re here to help you!


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