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ADIO Chiropractic Patient Testimonial

"I met Dr. Eric at exactly the right time. I knew I had to find something to help my 8 year old son with is ADHD, anxiety, and sensory processing disorder.

In September of 2013 is when we started noticing something was off. This is also the time he started going to pre-school. He couldn't settle down in school. Was very impulsive couldn't sit still, and had a hard time listening. We had meltdowns at home that sometimes lasted an hour. This mostly happened when he was tired, which was a lot since he was hardly sleeping.

In December of 2014 we saw our first psychiatrists, from her we received suggestions on how to get him to sleep better. Which did help and we found a medication to help him sleep. From there we went onto to see a new primary doctor, new psychiatrists, psychologists, behavior therapists, we received occupational therapy at school, we tried regular massage and even craniosacral therapy. We tried different medications, some with very bad side effects.

At the beginning of 2018 I started looking into different therapies. I knew medication was not the answer for my son and I wanted, no needed, to find something that would work for him. I started looking at massage therapy again and even acupuncture. I had a feeling that "alternative therapy" was the way to go.

Then in March of 2018 we met Dr. Eric. I attended one of his workshops on kids that live with anxiety and deal with ADHD and sensory problems. Everything that he was talking about made sense💡. From how the nervous system has to be working correctly to have the rest of the body working, to the gas and brake pedal that is in everyone's body. To even eating the right foods. In April my son starting seeing Dr. Eric two times a week and by May he was taking naps after school💤. (Note: he was only going to school until 1pm because he couldn't handle being in that environment all day). Granted they may have only been 45 minute naps, or maybe longer, but there was no fighting about it. We had a pretty good summer and I noticed that his meltdowns were not as long and there was more time in between them. At this we also started giving him vitamin supplements, these helped him sleep and have more energy. By the time school started in 2018 he seemed A LOT more happy and calm😁. He still had times that he was escalated and couldn't calm himself or be around others, but as the months went on we saw more improvement.

✨By December of 2018 my son was in his classroom 99% of the time. This is compared to him being in the class room only 30% of the time in May of 2018. I believe his brain his now capable of receiving information; unlike before when he was going 100 mph and had a hard time listening to anyone.✨

It is now January of 2019 and I look back and see the improvement that my son has made because of the decision to start seeing Dr. Eric. BEST DECISION EVER.❗️ ❗️ ❗️"


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