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Message From Dr. Eric:

"Thank you for your time learning about ADIO Chiropractic and our mission.  I am truly blessed to be able to serve the great community of Middleton, WI.  My goal is to help parents who find themselves asking, “can pediatric chiropractic can help my child?” and provide them with hope, answers and action steps that will allow your child to thrive! Call ADIO Chiropractic to "Make an Appointment" 

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After following one of the nation’s leading pediatric experts, Dr. Tony Ebel, Dr. Eric became aware of the prevalence of Autism, ADHD, and sensory issues in pediatrics. Dr. Eric’s focus quickly changed to PEDIATRICS and family wellness. A kid’s habits are being shaped well before the mom even gives birth. It all starts by helping mom live a healthy lifestyle before she gets pregnant. We are always learning new things, it is never too late to make changes that can impact the trajectory of your child’s health. Our kids shape our future and we shape our kids, Dr. Eric will give everything he has to his patients and families to allow them to raise the healthiest and most productive children possible.

With the massive rise in ADHD, Autism, sensory issues, seizures, etc., Dr. Eric is constantly learning and collaborates with as many other providers as possible to fully understand the potential of your child. He has found that amazing changes are not only possible but, happen often! When we focus on empowering the body to function correctly it heals, grows, develops, and excels past the limits other doctors and mainstream thinking have put on it.

ADIO Chiropractic is dedicated to delivering exactly what these kids need to thrive in the world. Everything from neurologically based chiropractic care, nutritional referrals, behavioral referrals, to sensorimotor reintegration referrals. We are here to help guide your family through complete healing and into the life they deserve.


Family is Dr. Eric’s number one priority in life. He loves spending time with his wife (Heidi), son (Finley) and dog (Cooper) when he is not giving his all to his second family (The ADIO Community). Ensuring his family is healthy, happy, and active gives him the opportunity to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. His own health is always a priority, and he values his position as a role model to the community. With this in mind, he never expects a patient to do something that he would not do himself.

Knowing that chiropractic has saved kid’s lives, prevented a lifetime of drug use, and given hope to many families who had basically given up drives Dr. Eric every day to spread the message and give his patients everything he has.


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