Why do tonsils get so big?

Why do tonsils get so big?

Chiropractor Middleton WI Tonsils blogWhy do kids continuously get a sore throat? Why is strep throat such a common illness in kids? Why do their tonsils keep getting swollen?


There is a science that studies the structure and organization of the nervous system,
which is the science behind the ‘why’. We have a tube that drains our head and neck. It is part of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for draining cellular debris and immune defense. All the fluid in our sinuses and ears should flow through this tube and drain into our chest, where our body will get rid of it. If there is an obstruction or a kink in this tube by a misaligned vertebra what will happen? Exactly, it gets backed up.

When the fluid backs up

The tonsils are connected to this drainage tube. When the fluid gets backed up, the tonsils then swell. This is the perfect environment for bacteria and infection. Yuck. This leads to sore throats, constant illness… You get the idea.

What tends to happen is the tonsils will get removed due to the swelling.

What we do in our office

Here, we focus on the why. We find why that tube is being pinched off. We do this by measuring the nerve activity and their ability to communicate with the rest of the body.

When the tube is pinched, we see that we need to get those muscles and the spinal cord relaxed. Once this happens, the brain will regain it’s ability to control that muscle, and the tube gets un-pinched.

With the tube un-pinched, the fluid drains again, and kids don’t get as sick as often! This is because the lymphatic system is now functioning properly, which leads to a better immune system.

We love working with you.

You may notice, as your child gets chiropractic adjustments, they begin to handle transitions better. What an amazing thing to witness! We love seeing this change in kiddos and know how beautiful it is for parents to see!

Want to chat about your kids and their struggles with sickness or sensory overload?

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