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Chirorpactic Middleton WI my kid has a short fuse

Why Does My Child Have A Short Fuse?

Why does my child have a short fuse in Middleton? Do you know or have a child that seems to overreact to every emotion or stimulus? A child that doesn’t seem to be able to process emotions or know how to show them? This short fuse or inability to process emotion may look like: school…

Chiropractor Middleton WI Dr Eric Kurzinski Teen anxiety and depression

Teen Anxiety & Depression

Teen Anxiety and Depression in Middleton Middleton WI Chiropractor Eric Kurzinski hosts a webinar about the growing problem of teen anxiety and depression.

Chiropractor Middleton WI Tonsils blog

Why do tonsils get so big?

Why do tonsils get so big? Why do kids continuously get a sore throat? Why is strep throat such a common illness in kids? Why do their tonsils keep getting swollen? Neuroanatomy There is a science that studies the structure and organization of the nervous system, which is the science behind the ‘why’. We have…

Cora post - week of 3.30

Cora’s Story

Cora’s Story “From very early on, we knew Cora had a lot of energy. When she was about 2, we knew she had more energy than most kids, so much so that she would seek out sensory input for her body. She would throw herself into the couch and literally bounce off the walls. She…

Chiropractic Middleton WI What causes otitis post - week of 3.23

What Causes Otitis Media And What Can Be Done About It?

What Causes Otitis Media And What Can Be Done About It? If you were able to look into the ear of a child who has otitis media, you would see a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum, and the inside of the ear would appear inflamed (swollen and red). No wonder these little people are…

Chiropractor Middleton WI dr Eric Kurzinski ADHD sensory issues webinar

ADHD + Sensory Webinar in Middleton WI

ADHD + Sensory Webinar in Middleton WI Do you have a child that suffers from ADHD or sensory issues?  See how chiropractic care in Middleton can help!